When communication is of the essence, you need Onset.

Communication is the lifeline of your business, in day-to-day and even more so at a time of disaster.  Onset provides Smartphone-based business continuity solutions that ensure uninterrupted communication and access to information at all times. 

Leveraging the Onset infrastructure, you can also guarantee that high-priority messages get the appropriate attention and response, elevating the level of day-to-day responsiveness throughout your organization.

OnPage by Onset

ONPAGE, is a cloud based, enterprise-grade, priority messaging service on iOS, Android and Blackberry. In today's technology age, where we have so many casual messaging on the Smartphone, those Time-Sensitive messages get lost in the clutter. OnPage is an encrypted cloud based paging service for smart phones, where messages arrive into a dedicated inbox on the device with a prominent alert until acknowledged, and a time stamped audit trail attached to each message. Onpage always send a Delivery and Read notification to the sender for assurance.

Our cloud based, redundant, servers are hosted in ultra-secure, HIPAA, SAS 70 and SSAE 16 compliant hosting facilities. The OnPage service can be augmented with our intuitive Enterprise Web-based Management Console that enables enterprises to initiate and manage their priority communications from a centralized location and follow the status of each message. It enables enterprises to create thousands of users within minutes, assign users into groups, as well as create escalation rules for efficient messaging. OnPage eliminates the need to carry multiple devices in order to separate the critical messages from the clutter.

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Business Continuity Messaging & Information Access

Leverage your wireless deployment to ensure uninterrupted communication and access to critical information (BC/COOP).

  • Ensure message delivery even when email, voice, and text messaging fail
  • Guarantee access to critical COOP documents even when no network is accessible
  • Access an up-to-date contact list and broadcast emergency messages from any device
  • Enable secure wireless access to corporate networks
  • Know and track when a message is received and read for complete audit trail and compliance

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Priority Mobile Messaging

Ensure immediate response to urgent and important messages at all times.

  • Provide a priority communication channel for key customers, top management, and other VIP’s
  • Elevate important messages above the clutter of routine communication
  • Get the attention of the people you need to reach even when their phones are silenced
  • Avoid the inbox black hole – know when your message was read

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Smartphone Paging

Turn Employee BlackBerries and Smartphones into advanced paging devices.

  • Consolidate paging services into a single Smartphone device
  • Ensure paging messages are noticed
  • Confirm page is received and read
  • Maintain a separate page number for protection of recipient privacy
  • Access related documents and attachments

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